2017/6/13 Derek Dunn: Fig trees and fig wasps: the importance of being cooperative

讲座题目:Fig trees and fig wasps: the importance of being cooperative

主 讲 人:Derek Dunn 教授

主 持 人:王 嵘 讲师


讲座地址:闵行校区资环楼435 会议室

主办单位:生态与环境科学学院 科技处


        Derek Dunn教授现任职于西北大学,主要从事动植物种间相互作用尤其是榕与榕小蜂互利共生关系的研究。目前已在SCI刊物上发表论文30余篇,其中有10余篇发表于Ecology、PLoS Biology等专业顶级期刊,并获陕西省百人计划与国家自然科学基金资助。


        Fig and fig wasps comprised the most species-specific mutualistic system in the world, but the mechanisms underlying maintenance of this system is still largely unclear. One of the possible factors that may affect the stability of fig-fig wasp system is the spatial stratification of galls occupied by fig wasps and the pollinated ovules, namely seeds, in a fig. In this presentation, we showed that such spatial pattern had been observed in many fig species and the most likely explanation was linked to the natural enemies of fig wasps and the match between female flower styles and ovipositors of fig wasps. Further studies focusing on the genetic background contributing to parasitoid-host relationships and functional traits evolution are also necessary in the future.